Far Cry 3 Is All About Scale

Ubisoft is claiming that Far Cry 3 will feature ten times the scale of previous games in the series.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


That's the definition of insanity. While speaking with Edge magazine, Ubisoft Montreal narrative director Jason Vandenberghe claimed that Far Cry 3 will feature ten times the scale of the first two Far Cry games. That’s exceedingly massive, if true.

“If you look at the vistas and the scale of Far Cry 1 and 2, take that and multiply it by ten,” said Vandenberghe.

But Ubisoft Montreal isn’t stopping there. Far Cry 3 isn’t going to be solely about giving players miles and miles of jungle to traverse. The game’s tropical island will also be “dense,” by gameplay standards.

“We want to take that even further. We’re focusing on taking that scale and making it dense, so that around every corner there’s something to find or see,” explained Vandenberghe. “That’s a key in open-world experiences. We ask ourselves: if there wasn’t anyone to shoot in the game, could it still be fun?”

Vandenberghe is absolutely right, providing “dense” gameplay is vital to the success of an open world game. You can have the largest map ever created for a game, but if it’s not populated with interesting things to do, then what’s the point? Personally, that was Far Cry 2’s biggest pitfall. The barren African setting demanded players travel miles to find anything exciting to do, which got monotonous after a while. Hopefully, Far Cry 3 can avoid that design error while still offering up Ubisoft Montreal’s largest sandbox yet.