Review: Canterbury Cricket

The most curious entrant in the Flashpoint field is finally revealed.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Canterbury Cricket

You’d think that an entire comic book dedicated to a British gent who becomes a giant cricket and looks to help Etrigan The Demon and a batch of hero misfits rebelling against the war mongering Amazons would be awesome.

Not so much.

The new Canterbury Cricket one shot is just further proof of how DC’s Flashpointless is a rushed and badly thought out event. It’s clear when you connect the dots of all the side issues that DC is trying to get all the ducks in a row for some epic battle between Wonder Woman and the Amazons and Aquaman’s Atlantis cronies. The Canterbury Cricket’s resistance is supposed to meet up with Lois Lane, who is also mounting a fight against the Amazons, which will involve Green Lantern and ultimately Flash. Most likely Flash will convince both sides to help him in his fight to restore balance and order. Whatever the turn out, DC has opted for the runaway train style of storytelling.

As far as one off issues go, Canterbury Cricket is a big waste of time. The story is essentially a quick battle with Amazons, then Canterbury tells his back story, which takes a spin on the Ambush Bugs, and then everybody jumps up to go find Lois Lane. I’m not kidding, that’s the entire story, all twenty some-odd pages. I have to assume the Canterbury Cricket will return in one of the longer form stories and play a pivotal part in the whole Flashpoint outcome. If not, then Mike Carlin got to write what amounts to a bad EC Comics horror tale rip off. Unless there’s some triumphant return, this cricket does little more than siphon money out of the wallets of those who want to read all aspects of the Flashpoint story.

It’s not Mike Carlin’s fault, he does the best he can with what he has. The story is helped quite a bit by Rags Morales’s art. He packs each panel with constant movement, or at least fills it with flash (pun fully intended) to look at and little goings on. It helps keep the focus of a story that lacks anything worth reading. There’s not enough here to make you care about the Cricket or his resistance buddies.  The entire one-shot feel like an after thought. In reality, Canterbury Cricket is a microcosm of what’s failing the entire Flashpoint story. There’s no heart to it, no center, it feels like everything is moving too fast and that there’s no point to any of it than to wow us with how kooky the reinvention can be. Fans have been quick to label Flashpoint a silly vehicle to get us into the big reboot. Reading Canterbury Cricket and a few of the other mini-stories, it’s hard to argue the point.

Personally, I’m just appalled by the lack of storytelling. We’re only two issues in to a five issue run of the main Flashpoint series and already lines are being drawn, things are coming together and Flash, the main focus of the whole thing, hasn’t accomplished anything. I also don’t understand DC’s refusal to let us in on why the warring Amazons and Atlanteans are taking their problems out on humanity. It’s all so frustrating that pretty much all I want is for DC to hurry up and launch their reboot. Who knows, maybe that’s the point?