Matthew Fox and Ed Harris Desert ‘World War Z’

As always, we blame Tyler Perry.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Everyone's protesting the war these days… even the fictional war. Yes, it seems that the Brad Pitt vehicle World War Z, about a planet overrun with zombies (my god, the genius of it) has just lost two of its supporting cast members: Matthew Fox and Ed Harris. Aw man, we just reported on this too…

According to Vulture, Matthew Fox was unable to reconcile World War Z's scheduling with his upcoming turn in I, Alex Cross, Lionsgate's reboot of the Morgan Freeman franchise, which now stars Tyler Perry. Fox is one of the leads in that film, playing a serial killer in a deadly game of cat and, since Perry's playing a detective, also cat. It's easy to understand why he'd prioritize a lead role over his apparently supporting turn in World War Z, a character named only "Parajumper."

There's no reason given for Ed Harris's departure, but it's difficult to get too upset about it since we never even knew who he was playing.

Crave Online will return with more World War Z news after we get through the prequels, World War A-Y.