Sketch Feast: Holy Hertzfeldt!

The master of shocking yet simple animation, this week on the feast:

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

While feedback is still a premium here on CraveOnline (please talk to us!) one of the few things I hear a lot about Sketch Feast is that some if not all the clips were completely unknown to the reader before we showed them too you. Well that set me off on a deep dive into all the wonderful sketches out there that people really HAVE to see. I mean… I can’t let you keep on living without some of these gems!

Before we get into all the fine work people have done with a camera and some actors, let’s hit this sensational video all over the internet, “Don’t die without seeing this!”  It’s not a traditional sketch, as it’s a cartoon, but it is sketched, so I think that counts.

Dan Hertzfeldt has a unique style, a unique delivery, and I’d like to say he has a unique comedic style, but it’s more accurate to just say he’s crazy. He did a lot of good work on the interwebs with some very funny things, but then he did this, and got famous, and for good reason. I plan to watch this on my deathbed:

Yep. That happened. That whole 9 minutes of animated insanity happened. If this is your first time with Rejected expect to be quoting it for months. Bring your friends back to watch it so they can be in on the joke.

Of course most people stop at Rejected and never go on to see the guys other work. I can’t imagine why, but even people who can quote Rejected backwards and forwards often don’t know about his earlier or later projects. Here’s one now:

That little mixed animation gem contains the most catchy random throw-away music bits I have ever watched. I will sing “Wonderful buckets or romance for two!” to the girl I will eventually marry and she will not punch me as, other women often do.

Speaking of ROMANCE! Here is Hertzefeldt’s treatise on courtship:

That reminds me of every time I have ever liked a girl. Sorry girls. It’s true… or true-ish.

Coming up on the end of our animated journey into fun and funny is one of the better known lesser Hertzfeldt pieces. You may not know who made this, or remember its name, but once you watch it you’ll find you probably have seen it before. Or maybe that’s its power. Either way this almost creepy video about abusive balloons is still one of the funniest things ever. Well, until you become a parent, but shortly after it becomes funny again.

Ahh wonderful… Sad… BUT WONDERFUL!

Well before you get tired of this unique and charming animation style here is the last offering I have for you. This is my favorite obscure piece of Hertzfeldt crazy brilliance. These interstitial pieces designed for “The Animation Show” are probably the best things he’s ever done. Of course you have to sit through a lot of mindless exposition to really appreciate them, but they are so worth it. Before you watch, consider picking up a copy of “The Animation Show” as the rest of the cartoons on this DVD are well worth your time. But now, some super crazy acid-trippy Hertzfeldt fun!

RIGHT! RIGHT! Man I am just writing this story and I can’t get up off the floor. What a strange genius he is.

Perhaps too strange. (ominous music)

This is only the tip of the strange iceberg that is Hertzfeldts work. He’s still producing today, and great little bits of his work sneak out into the ether from time to time. Clearly his work has inspired Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and more. Dan himself claims he will never sell out and has rejected repeated offers to animate commercials and the like. He even tends to have his art sold for charity and not his own personal profit. Pretty cool guy.

Perhaps too cool.