Kenneth Branagh Not Returning for ‘Thor 2’

Chris Hemsworth has signed on for the sequel, now due out in 2013, but who the heck will direct?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It's time for another addition of Good News/Bad News: Deadline announced that Marvel Studios and parent company Disney have officially set a July 26, 2013 release date for Thor 2, and Thor himself Chris Hemsworth is committed to return to the project.

We will hold for your applause.

Bad news: Kenneth Branagh won't be returning for the sequel.

We will hold for your jeers.

It's fair to say that an enormous portion of Thor's success was based on Branagh's fine execution of the project, which took far-out concepts and grounded them just enough to make them accessible to new audiences without sacrificing their grandeur. 

We will hold for a brief, judgmental nod in Green Lantern's direction.

Marvel has a history of picking exceptional directors for their franchises, and sometimes most unexpected ones to boot. No word yet on who might take over for Branagh in the Thor sequel, but let's just say we feel a Top Ten list coming on…

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