A Night In The Big City – New York New York Las Vegas

I never knew someone could do so much in one night, and have so much fun!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

I caught my ride from the airport not knowing what to expect.  Would I step into a vat of greedy idealists and lusty dreamers?  Ok well maybe… but what I discovered was so much more than I could have ever imagined.  Las Vegas.  

I admit, I had never spent a weekend in Vegas.  It's not a leisurely trip from the heart of Kansas.  Many of my new friends from California scoffed at the idea that Las Vegas was foreign to me but, none the less, I was ready to make my visit at the right time.

The first stop, New York New York Resort and Casino.  

I know that many believe staying on the strip is not the most affordable option, but I there are two sides to this story.  

My stay was in the Spa Room at the NY-NY.  Seeing a hot tub next to my bed only made me feel like this was either the perfect place to take a future special someone, or the perfect spot to bring an extremely fortunate lady that I would meet somewhere in the resort.

The night began with a hearty dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen.  I am going to level with you.  I am from the heart of the country, and steak is something we are quite proud of.  The steak that I ate was by far the best I have tasted.  I am not one to pay lip service.  Hands down, the food was amazing across the board.  For those of you who know steak, it's rare that you are served a thick, medium-rare steak that is the perfect color of pink throughout the meat, with a thin layer of brown surrounding the flavorful center.  I was happy.

Then it was off to Zumanity, touted as the sensual side of Cirque De Soliel.  I will warn that this show is not for the prude.  If you are uncomfortable with nudity then this is not the show for you.  Much to their credit, the nudity was used in ways that was instrumental to the storyline of the show.  If you are not expecting, it can take you off guard.  But, once you settle into the story, the nudity disappears and becomes a part of the message that is communicated through the pieces.  Oh and there are naked girls… I think that's sufficiently stated and shared.

For a nightcap our group headed to the Bar at Times Square where dueling pianos ruled the night, and then to Rok where we partied it up at one of Las Vegas' hottest night clubs.  And I'm telling you guys out there, lots of hot women… Just sayin'…

All in all, the NY-NY presented diverse opportunities for the rich and poor.  The easy-to-spend can enjoy bottle service and private security at their VIP table inside Rok, while the more financially cautious can enjoy the musical stylings at the Bar at Times Square.  Piece of advice, if you want them to push your song to the top it's a good idea to slip a tip underneath your song request.  And no, a few George Washingtons will not cut it. So man up and drop a fiver that can take you all the way to the top.

Bottom line.  If you want a fast-paced casino resort chock full of young people and high-energy experiences, then the New York New York Resort and Casino is the spot for you.

By the way, when you go, be sure to say hey to Vinnie for me.  He's the Italian guy roaming the resort streets giving the best advice for finding a good time.

Lets be real, I am the Sports Cynic here at CraveOnline.  I love finding flaws, but there were none I could find at NY-NY.



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