Comic Jumper Goes on Sale

Get this crazy-awesome platformer for a third of its original price...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Comic Jumper

When Comic Jumper launched on the Xbox LIVE Arcade from Twisted Pixel, the studio behind The Maw and 'Splosion Man, it arrived to the tune of large critical praise and 1200 Microsoft Points. That's $15.

As part of this week's XBLA Deal of the Week, Comic Jumper has been reduced to 400 Points. Spot that at $5 and celebrate. Five bucks for one of the best XBLA platformers to release last year is an astounding deal.

Take it. Seriously. Go buy the game.

You want to wait? Fine. Twisted Pixel is reducing the price after this sale to 800 Points permanently. Get it for $5 now or $10 later. Let me grab my calculator…

…yes! Yes. Both of the $5 and $10 price points are less than the original $15 cost of entry.

Here's how Twisted Pixel described the game in the press release sent out late last night. Apparently, they don't sleep.

In Comic Jumper players control the Captain and his mouthy “chestkick” Star as they attempt to bring their comic book series back from the brink of cancelation by jumping into and saving the storylines of four different comic franchises ranging from 70’s fantasy, silver age, modern, and Manga. Each comic offers its own unique art style true to the era, and varying gameplay mechanics in the vein of core classic shooters of the nineties.

Take advantage of the deal and head to Xbox LIVE to make your purchase.