‘Hulk’ Still Happening At ABC, Says Guillermo del Toro

The busy director offers an update about the Green Goliath's return to live action TV.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Back in October, Marvel and ABC announced plans for a new "Hulk" TV series under the guidance of former "Battlestar Galactica" executive producer, David Eick and director Guillermo del Toro. Following NBC's recent decision to not go forward with the "Wonder Woman" TV series, some Hollywood observers openly wondered whether the fate of that show would impact the Hulk's return to television.

However, del Toro insists that the project is very much alive. In an interview with Fearnet, del Toro said “We turned in the outline to ABC about four weeks ago. And then we did a rewrite for ABC on the outline, and now we are lining up the pages.”

In a previous interview, del Toro indicated that Bruce Banner will be younger in this incarnation and that the Hulk would be brought to life through a mixture of prosthetics, puppetry and CGI.

When Fear.net asked del Toro if his version of the Hulk would differ from those that came before it, the director replied “I think so. Or we wouldn’t be trying it. Actually, one of the points of this project early on with Marvel, was ‘We’re going to do this thing different, and here’s how. Are you interested?’ And they were.”

Eick is reportedly writing the pilot script from a story collaboration with del Toro, with the director possibly set to helm  the pilot episode if his extremely busy film schedule will allow it. The new "Hulk" series is tentatively scheduled to debut sometime within 2012.

Additionally, Marvel and ABC Studios are also actively developing two other live action series, "Cloak & Dagger" and "AKA Jessica Jones," based upon the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos comic, "Alias."

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