DC Reboot: Suicide Squad Details

Adam Glass talks about his take on the DCnU's Suicide Squad, and sounds like he's never read it before.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Suicide Squad 1

The Source has started disseminating some interviews with the creators of the new post-reboot DC titles, and the latest is Adam Glass, the writer of the new version of Suicide Squad.  The cover image alone looks dubious, and now, one particular quote from Glass seems like there's some kind of disconnect happening here:


I grew up reading the Suicide Squad and have nothing but the utmost respect for all those who came before me. But I feel the world has changed and people want even their fantasy to have more reality to it. Look at James Bond’s Casino Royale. It was a new Bond for a new generation. Harder, smarter, less cheese. That’s what we’re doing with Suicide Squad. If there really was an organization that used Super Villains for Black Ops Operations, how would that really look? How would they be treated?


Now, a couple of things come to mind when reading that statement that make me wonder if Glass has ever really read the work that came before him.  Speaking as someone who's just recently marathon-blitzed through the entire run of John Ostrander's original Suicide Squad for the first time, "soft, dumb and cheesy" are not words I would use to describe it at all, but that's what Glass is implying here.  Ostrander packed his stories with international intrigue, real-world politics, dark emotional weight and a bleak, doomed sensibility that made it one of the best things to be inspired by the redefinition of the medium in the post-Watchmen era.  For a 1980s comic book, the Suicide Squad was remarkably gritty and real.

Secondly, you know what a super-villain black-ops squad wouldn't look like?  Tim Burton-themed strippers, that's what.  And yet, that's the new Harley Quinn they're going with.  Glass says that Jim Lee has redesigned some of the characters, and that Marco Rudy's art is blowing him away, but we're still not sure who's responsible for that particular revamp. 

Other details of note:  Black Spider will also be featured in this book, along with a revolving door of characters old and new.  The first line of dialog is a scream, and Glass' unofficial tagline for the book is "Kick Ass!" 

I'm not one who's harshing on the DC Reboot in its entirety as a bad idea, but in this particular case, the loss of Secret Six seems like it's going to hurt that much more when flipping through these pages.