Yes, BioWare is Making Dragon Age 3

File this one under obvious.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Is it really that shocking that BioWare is continuing the Dragon Age series? The internet definitely thinks so, as a tweet from BioWare's Senior Director of Creative Development, Alistair McNally, has done its part in bringing about the Rapture. But let’s be serious for a hot second, Dragon Age 3 was going to happen. It was a sure thing, even with Dragon Age 2 not receiving unanimous critical praise. It was just a matter of "when."

Here is the tweet in question: 

"I'm looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on#DragonAge3 #gamejobs #jobs #3D #artists."

And that’s it. Yet, everyone is freaking out because Dragon Age 3 is a go. It seems kind of silly to get this excited over something we knew was in the cards. It’s like blowing a gasket over the fact that Monday still follows Sunday. But here we are, reporting on it anyway. God, PR firms must love us. We're doing the hyping legwork for them. 

So, in conclusion: Dragon Age 3 is happening. Are you pumped for another entry into the franchise? Do you want it to play like the original Dragon Age: Origins, or the more streamlined Dragon Age 2? Sound off, fellow wardens.