JOKES OVER: Death of Osama

Ok, you’ve had your fun, now laugh about something else!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Hey folks, this is your comedy channel editor Sax Carr with a helpful public service announcement. We’ve done all the possible jokes about the death of Osama Bin Laden, so now we can finally stop. Yep, jokes about Osama’s death are OVER… and its time to move on. Don’t worry though, I’ve collected some of the best examples of the jokes here so you can always come back and reminisce about where you were the day that the joke about the death of Osama Bin Laden died.


Here’s one about how they found the Osama-Compound:

Hey did you catch the great article our own writer Sam Proof wrote about the same story? Check it out here! A Perfect Pakistan Vacation


How about a video about how the story broke for America? Obama’s soon to be legendary speech…well here you go:

That’s pretty funny…funny enough to garner millions of hits? Oh yeah! 


Here’s a little gem from NY Magazine regarding the contents of Osama’s computer:


Osama Bin Laden's Computer

Here's a link to that story: What's On Osama Bin Laden's Computer

Oh and there are countless more. Check out this article (again by Sam Proof) about how Osama had the funniest death ever: Osama bin Laden Funniest Death of 2011


Last but not least, here is the most innovative parody I’ve seen of the whole experience. I think it speaks for itself. What do you think? (click on the image for the full story) 

Did you guess it before you clicked? SO good! Did you see the comment from Yoda? Brilliant.


So there you go folks. We’ve put the jokes about Osama into their coffin, and its time to close it out and dump it into the ocean (before someone builds a shrine to it). But don’t worry, this is America, and if America is anything it’s a generator of the next best thing to make jokes about.  I bet this one has to do with something Lady GaGa wears! Oh please, Oh please, Oh please!


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