7 Questions with Jason Horton

Jason Horton is known on youtube as the Last White Male Comedian, we sit down with Jason for 7 Questions with Sam Proof!  

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Jason Horton, a Los Angeles based comedian came up on youtube, establishing himself in 2010 rocketing from obscurity to two channels totaling over 700,000 video views. He also appears in several videos from TotallySketch, as well as collabs with tons of youtubers including Shane Dawson.

Horton writes for The Station and now Rouge Films youtube channel ‘Tube Top’.

Jason runs two channels on youtube jasonhorton & 



1) How did you first find youtube and what led you to making your first video?

I met Mike from Totally Sketch via Bree Essrig, she was in an improv group I started when I lived in San Diego. I showed up at his place and we met and shot True Internet Story: Keyboard Cat. I had tons of content, starting figuring out how YouTube worked, the community, working and collabing with so many big YouTubers.


2) What do attribute your success on youtube toward?

Persistence, knowing my "voice", collaborating, and having something to offer, and being prepared to put in the time and energy. I also grew up in the punk rock/hardcore rebellious culture. I really have a similar mentality when it comes to comedy. I think comedy should be dangerous.

3) What are you doing different now?


I'm so overwhelmed with comedy, writing, stuff for the traditional media space, I'm a little more picky with what I do. This way I can always put my best foot forward, and use my time wisely.


4) What are the differences in the "Rules of Comedy" that apply to online video, over say TV or stage?

Knowing your audience, and both give them what they want, while also giving them what you want. Soon, what they want and what you have will be the same thing. Also, it's important to take risks with your comedy, and being proud of your choice and never look back.


5) You're really busy these days, with your own videos, auditions, the station and now tube top, do you feel like you're always working or do you actually have any down time?

It seems like it's never completely down. Everyone is talking shop. I try to take time for myself, and do things outside of all this. Which in turn makes for more interesting work and point of view. I'm also coaching/teaching improv a lot, and it's becoming one of my favorite things to be a part of.


6) Who are your online inspirations and why?


Creatively I'm affected by EVERYTHING. Good, bad or otherwise. I think Totally Sketch is putting out some of the best sketch comedy out there, and I'm honored to be a part of that.  If Three's Company & The State were online, I would probably only watch that.


7) What's the next big step for you and how soon do you think you'll move on it?

I have a screenplay that is going to be.. pretty big. It's happening now. I'm writing 2 more based on that success. I hope to continue working with Rogue Pictures more. I'm kind of living a life I thought only other people lived. It's surreal