Old Tube New Tube : Aussie Exports

Cuter than a Koala Infestation - there two Aussie vloggers bring their quirky observations to the tubes!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Old Tube : TheHill88

Caitlin Alexandra Hill, aka Thehill88 has been on youtube since Aug 13, 2006. Early on she achieved internet notoriety with her online “war” with Boh3m3, over her homelands national treasure – vegemite.

Thanks to her internet success, she moved to New York, where she maintains one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, with a regular audience of over 75,000.

Her videos have a cumulative view count of over 17 million. In addition to maintaining a channel on YouTube, Hill is the Chief Creative Officer of Hitviews, a website and new media business venture, which she co-founded with Walter Sabo.

While busy with her new venture, she does still occasionally put out new videos. However it is those videos from 4 years ago that still top her chart. The number one being a Lonelygirl15 spoof  ‘ThelonelyHill’ but I think her reaction video to 2 girls 1 cup is the most adorable terrified thing ever.

Her videos skills, and equipment have really stepped up as you can see in her latest video series ‘Away and then Home’

New Tube: MeetZoe

MeetZoe is another Australian expatriate who fled Perth to the West Coast. But I’ll let her tell it.

Ironically Zoe has also turned her channel in to a more concise video series under the title "The Wonderful World of Zoe". Which seems to be a Disneyafied version of traditional vlogging, with a catch theme song, extremely Low Key lighting, and a PG style naivety.



The Stats



Channel Views: 5,119,104

Total Upload Views: 23,933,218

Subscribers: 80,808

#14 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Australia           



Channel Views: 785,792

Total Upload Views: 901,538

Subscribers: 9,037


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