Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Avengers’ Script Leaked!

Predictably, it's the one labeled 'Badass Motherf***er.' Take a look at one of the pages now!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Production on The Avengers is barely underway and already security's a serious issue on the helicarrier: Samuel L. Jackson's copy of Joss Whedon's screenplay has apparently been pilfered. An anonymous source offered the website Obsessed with Film the script (what are we, chopped liver?) and attempted to 'negotiate terms' for the site to acquire the coveted prize. Obsessed with Film then asked for pictorial confirmation of The Avengers screenplay, which the source then provided. Some snapshots are below, including page 77 of the 129 page shooting draft, which includes a brief bit of Iron Man and Captain America running around the SHIELD helicarrier and The Black Widow interacting with Bruce Banner, who appears to be getting angry. Ironically, we really like him when he's angry, but the Black Widow may be feeling differently pretty soon…

Obsessed with Film wisely declined the offer, realizing that any real news stemming from the screenplay would result in legal action from Marvel. But the images the anonymous source sent to prove the scripts veracity are available on their site. Here's a preview now of the script, bemusingly code-named Group Hug, with a header indicating that it is, in fact, Samuel L. Jackson's draft. Oops. You can find more pics on Obsessed with Film.

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