NFL Draft: Day – Winners & Losers

Taking a look at who stood out among the pack...for good or ill.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau



Cleveland Browns- The Browns, more directly, Colt McCoy was really looking for an explosive receiver to add to the offensive mix up in Cleveland and when their pick rolled around, Julio Jones was there for the taking. But, as things tend to sometimes go, they decided to trade that pick to Atlanta for the 21st pick in round 1 as well as Atlanta's second and fourth rounder this year and a first and fourth in next years draft. With five picks on the table and a team that needs upgrading in many areas, the Browns did what any sane person would do and hopped on the deal.


Cam Newton- Gotta hand it to Newton, he managed to convince the Carolina Panthers that his upside greatly outweighed his bust potential. Noe that he got his wish, however, it's up to him to put in the work to make that number 1 selection a good one.


New Orleans Saints- Getting Mark Ingram in the 28th pick is a steal, I don't care what anyone thinks. In a high powered passing offense, Ingram will be the needed counter punch that any great passing teams need. I have to scratch my head over the Patriots trading away their pick to the Saints instead of drafting Ingram themselves. Oh, and the Cameron Jordan pick was solid as well. He will help bolster that defense.


Detroit Lions-What a steal the Lions got when Nick Fairley fell into their lap. With Fairley teaming  up with Ndamukong Suh in the middle of the defensive line, NFC North quarterbacks just got another reason not to sleep well at nights.




Atlanta Falcons-Trading 5 picks for 1 player speaks of desperation and lack of foresight. This win now at all cost mentality will only cost them in the future.


Da'Quan Bowers- Once thought of as the best defensive lineman in the country, Bowers had to sit by and watch a record 12 defensive lineman go in the first round. The threat of future problems with that injured knee of his must have really scared off teams.


Roger Goodell-Despite your feelings over this whole CBA thing, you had to feel a little bit for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last night. He was booed with a fervor usually reserved for star athletes who take their talents to South Beach and was the recipient of a number of derogatory chants. The man handled the onslaught in stride, however, showing the poise and professionalism that one would expect from a man with his job.


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