PSN Update: Credit Card Info ‘Encrypted’

There will also be a mandatory password change when the system is back online.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sony has updated the status of the PSN hot mess on their official blog, stating that the service should be back online within the week and will come with a brand new software update and a mandatory password change from all users.

“We are working on a new system software update that will require all users to change their password once PlayStation Network is restored. We will provide more details about the new update shortly,” said SCE America’s Patrick Seybold.

But the real pressing issue on everybody’s mind has shifted from “When will the PSN will be back?” to “Is my credit card information safe?” While Sony still can’t 100% confirm that credit card data wasn’t stolen, they do offer up something to ease the tension of the situation.

“All of the data was protected, and access was restricted both physically and through the perimeter and security of the network,” added Seybold.

“The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken. The personal data table, which is a separate data set, was not encrypted, but was, of course, behind a very sophisticated security system that was breached in a malicious attack.”

So, yes, as previously reported, personal information like names, addresses, emails, log-ins and passwords have been “compromised,” but sensitive credit card information, as of now, is still safe and secure.

Currently, Sony is in the process of transferring over their network infrastructure to a new, more-secure location. The company has also started sending out new, update software development kits to developers to install before the PSN comes back online.