Microsoft Warns Users of Modern Warfare 2 ‘Phishing’

It seems Microsoft isn't invulnerable to hacking attempts either.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Let’s be honest, Xbox 360 gamers have been laughing it up ever since the start of the PSN debacle. Check any gaming website’s comments section (including ours) and you’re almost guaranteed to stumbled across, “So glad I have a 360,” or “This is why PS3 suxxorz.” But it seems Microsoft’s console isn’t impervious to digital penetration (of the naughtiest kind) either. However, this breach is of much, much smaller scale than the shit-storm Sony is currently dealing with.

An official notice on Xbox Live’s website warns players of potential “phishing” attempts in Modern Warfare 2 matchmaking. For those who don’t know what “phishing” means, it’s basically just a way of attempting to acquire personal, sensitive information.

Microsoft is currently hot on the case, while Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling tweeted that there is a Modern Warfare 2 patch going through quality assurance at the moment. Once that patch gets approved by Microsoft it will go live, hopefully putting a kibosh on future phishing attempts.

As you’re probably smart enough to know, don’t give out any personal information over Xbox Live or through “official” Microsoft emails.