Lakers Dealt Devastating Blow In Win

This loss in a win could spell doom for the champs.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The Lakers are finished. Put a fork in them and toss them in the oven, they are about to get cooked in the playoffs.

OK, now that I've vented for all the Lakers fans out there, I'll get to the matter at hand; Andrew Bynum has injured his knee again. This latest injury, suffered in the Lakers 102-93 win over the San Antonio Spurs, came on one of those freakish plays that happen all to regularly in basketball. Bynum innocently stepped on the foot of the Spurs DeJuan Blain and that was enough to cause his knee to buckle and send him to the court. He sat their, with head in hands, for about seven minutes before heading to the locker room under his own power.

That's the good news out of all this, that he was able to leave the court on his own.

"It was painful right when it happened, but it's not that bad right now," Bynum told reporters as he made his way out Staples Center without the aid of any crutches and encouragingly, without any visible limp. "I'll be alright."

The injury is being reported as a hyperextended right knee, which is a far cry from the dislocated knee cap, ruptured ACL or torn MCL as was the case in previous knee injuries for Bynum. If this diagnosis holds up, he is due to have a MRI today to determine the extent of the injury and to make sure nothing more serious is wrong, the Lakers prime big man would only be out for a couple of games.

"He could be out a couple games," coach Phil Jackson said after the game. "There could be a bone bruise involved when you hyperextend the knee. His reassurance was saying, 'I'm going to be OK.' I think that he might have an idea about it because he's been through this before."

With a healthy Bynum, something the Lakers haven't experienced much in the playoffs, the Lakers are an entirely different team. His opposing size, he is 7 foot, along with Pau Gasol, who is also 7 foot, give the Lakers an inside domination that few teams can match.

"He allows us to be the dominant team we're capable of being," said Derek Fisher. "It's hard to think about not having him for any significant length of time. It was tough to see. He's so important to what we do, so to even think for a second that he might be out, the impact that would have on him after all of his work, it's tough to deal with in the moment."
With any luck, the Lakers will only be without their talented big for a few games, as it is looking, because they will need every ounce of talent they can muster out of him if they are going to achieve their goals this postseason,which is three-peating as NBA Champs.

Photo Courtesy of: AP Images