Frank West Returns in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

That jackass photojournalist from the original Dead Rising is back.

Alex Keenby Alex Keen


Apparently, Frank West is back… again!  Capcom has announced a new side-story mission that runs parallel to the plot of Dead Rising 2, called Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. From the look of things, Frank is returning for some more zombie wrestling and this time it’s without the help of Chuck Greene.  In case you’ve been living in a bubble, Frank West is the slimy protagonist from the original Dead Rising and the recent downloadable content, Dead Rising: Case West.  He’s a photojournalist by trade and a zombie slayer by fate.  

No word on whether or not this new game is an add-on for Dead Rising 2 or whether it will be packed separately.  If I were one to speculate, I’d say we’ll see both options.  It could release as an arcade-style standalone, a bundle with a the original release of Dead Rising, a bundle with all of the other DLC, or some other collection of crap.  Capcom has shown in the past that they love to re-imagine their games (i.e. Lost Planet: Colonies, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix) and this looks like more of the same.

You can expect Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this autumn. Here’s a trailer to get you excited for Frank’s standalone return.


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