StarDrone Review

It's a pinball puzzler... in space!

Alex Keenby Alex Keen


StarDrone, the latest exclusive game for the PlayStation Network, is best described as an action-based puzzler.  It’s similar to games like Schizoid, Chime, and any version of Pinball.  Throw in orbital gravity from Super Mario Galaxy and you’ve got the best possible comparison I can give you for this game.  While the individual elements of StarDrone are not unique, the combination of them all has a pretty unique feel to it.  

The simplest way to explain the gameplay is that you launch a charged drone through perilous levels filled with spikes, mines, and creepy jack o’lanterns.  Along the way you collect stars and star-bits to light up the level and take on a different challenge. Each level is timed and provides a par time to encourage replays and perfectionism.

My experience with StarDrone was overall a pretty good one.  At first I was a bit confused by the gameplay and the game doesn’t have the best of tutorials.  I wound up learning how to best play the game through trial and error.  At first it was a bit frustrating because StarDrone does not have an overtly familiar style of gameplay.  It looks like an old school 2D shooter; however, it depends more on agile navigation skills rather than explosive button mashing.

After attaining a grasp on how to play StarDrone, I was able to progress quite a bit with dexterity and repetition.  I blew through the first two levels in just under an hour and I was a bit concerned that there may not be enough content here to justify $7.  However, after looking through the options and the time trials, there’s just enough here to cover the low price tag.  Plus, it’s got Leaderboards! (sigh)  If you enjoy challenging puzzles that aren’t impossible but often require some repetition, StarDrone provides enough of a challenge.

Overall, StarDrone is a decent puzzler for those people looking for a pinball-style space game.  I don’t think it will be remembered in the pantheon of great puzzle games, but for those gamers with time and interest, you won’t feel too left down.  It’s a decent challenge and time killer for those of you interested in a different experience that still feels familiar.

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