Buy SOCOM 4, Get Resistance 3 Early Beta Access

Buy one shooter, get early access to another.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The cross promotion beast continues at Sony. First it was copies of Killzone 3 coming with early beta access to SOCOM 4; now SOCOM is returning the favor by including early beta access to Resistance 3. Announced today on the official Sony PlayStation blog, those who pick up copies of SOCOM 4 with a special Resistance 3 sticker on the packaging will find a voucher inside to access the beta trial for Insomniac's sci-fi shooter three-quel.

Unfortunately, the PS blog did not give away details on an exact start date for the Resistance 3 beta, instead urging folks to pick up their copies of SOCOM 4 on release day to discover that vital info on the voucher itself. Clever girls.


SOCOM 4 releases on April 19 of this month. If you want to lock down your early access to the Resistance 3 beta, you might as well pre-order SOCOM now.

Finally, Sony has released a new trailer for SOCOM 4 that highlights the game’s single player campaign. This video has nothing to do with the above mentioned Resistance 3 beta. It just felt right to post it here and now.



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