‘The Crow’ Remake Pecks Out a New Director

Lovely crow you've got there. Beautiful plumage!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Crow… Man, what a good movie. Hampered a bit by the tragic, untimely death of Brandon Lee (in the middle of a shot, no less), Alex Proyas somehow managed to cull together his footage into a mostly coherent, genuinely tragic and yet still totally badass movie about the pain of loss and the fleeting pleasure of vengeance. It spawned three sequels – The Crow: City of Angels (awful), The Crow: Wicked Prayer (better than you'd think), The Crow: Wicked Prayer (pleasingly bugnuts) – and the television series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (which I haven't seen, so bite me). Filmmakers have been trying to get another Crow off the ground for years now – I particularly enjoyed Rob Zombie's Vampire Hunter D-ish script for The Crow: 2037 – but every time they've tried the project fell through, like rain through a broken window.

Well… It can't rain all the time. 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has signed up to direct The Crow, a 'reinvention' of the series scheduled to shoot in the fall. He's one of the better directors to attach themselves to the project (we're not exactly Stephen Norrington fans after The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), this comes as encouraging news… or at least, as encouraging as remake news tends to get. Thanks to Deadline for the scoop.

Crave Online will return with more Crow news as we see how awful goodness is…