Wondercon – Ryan Reynolds on ‘Green Lantern’

    Ryan Reynolds on joining the Green Lantern Corps.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern

WonderCon attendees basically got a free comedy show from Ryan Reynolds. They got to see finished footage of Green Lantern (which you can see here – Wondercon Green Lantern footage) on Oa and he led the crowd on a group chant of the Lantern oath. In the backroom, Reynolds worked the press too but I got a few questions in, and I was totally, totally serious.


Crave Online: Were you ever worried that Green Lantern was a tough one to explain, in space with aliens and these constructs?

Ryan Reynolds: Yeah, but Star Wars would probably be a tough one to explain too. It’s achievable. For me it was more the technology. The technology had to be such that it could actually make a film like this possible and it is. I don't think this movie would even be possible three years ago. I see the stuff they’re doing out there in Los Angeles, among eight other cities that are working on different parts of the post production, it’s remarkable.


Crave Online: Tomar-Re explains the translation device quickly. Are all those explanations buried in the first act?

Ryan Reynolds: That’s always the hard part. In an origin story, you’re introducing a new character, you have to establish all the rules. If we’re ever fortunate enough to be in a position where we’re shooting another one of these, it’s kind of exciting for that director because he doesn’t inherit any of that. He’s just ready to go. We get to shoot. All the problems that you have in the pre-production trying to figure out how do we get this on the screen in the right way, all those months spent answering all those little questions are answered. I think in our movie, in an origin story, it’s important to not start your story in the third act like a lot of these types of films do. So we manage to actually get it going in the first act and that’s no small fete. That’s Martin Campbell though, he’s a smart guy.


Crave Online: That machine gun in the teaser is pretty cool. What was your favorite construct?

Ryan Reynolds: I like that but I worry if I start talking about constructs that are my favorite, some executive from Warner Brothers is going to jump out of a corner and blow dart me. I have a few. It’s not that one though. I like that one a lot but it’s not that one.


Crave Online: What does the oath mean to you?

Ryan Reynolds: God, I think the oath is a really beautiful thing. I love the uniting factor of that oath. I love that the entire corps knows it. I love that it’s their code. I love that out there, we can get the whole audience to do it with me. That’s a pretty cool feeling.