USA Announces Premiere of ‘Burn Notice’ Prequel

'The Fall of Sam Axe' will debut in April.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

USA Announces Premiere of 'Burn Notice' Prequel

As one of the most popular characters on "Burn Notice," Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) is on the rise. Which is precisely why USA has set him up for a fall.

The highly anticipated "Burn Notice" prequel movie has been given the subtitle "The Fall of Sam Axe" and it will premiere Sunday, April 17 at 9PM on USA. The script was written by "Burn Notice" creator Matt Nix and directed by Jefferey Donovan, the star of the series on location in Bogota, Columbia.

"The Fall of Sam Axe" is set back in 2005, before Sam partnered up with Donovan’s Michael Westen in Miami. In the film, Sam is still a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy and he is sent to Columbia to advise the local military platoon after a string of rebel attacks. He also makes discoveries that force him to question his loyalties and help shape him into the man we see on the regular series.

Chandra West ("The Gates") will play Sam’s girlfriend, Donna, RonReaco Lee ("The Good Guys") will portray Ben Delaney, a young doctor running a non-profit clinic in Columbia who comes under assault by terrorists and John Diehl ("Stargate") will be Sam’s superior officer, Rear Admiral Lawrence. Kiele Sanchez ("Lost") also has a pivotal part in the film as a humanitarian aid worker who has distrusts Sam and his fellow soldiers.

Once production of "The Fall of Sam Axe" is completed, the fifth season of "Burn Notice will begin filming shortly thereafter. The fifth season is expected to debut later this summer.