Top Party Cities

We have the top picks for international party cities.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Top Party Cities

 Is staying up until 6 am a prerequisite during your next vacation? If so, plan on staying up until 11 am in these top party cities.


Ibiza is unquestionably Spain´s top draw in the nightlife scene. Its centerpiece is the Privilege nightclub, the biggest in the world with a 10,000 person capacity and a bevy of attractions including sex events and a massive swimming pool. Another club, Amnesia, has a dance event called Espuma where foam drenches the dance floor to the tune of world famous DJs playing house and trance music. One particular street (San Antonio) has more than 100 bars alone. Some clubs have after hours for after hours starting at 8 am and going into the afternoon. Don´t even think about leaving the hotel room at 8 pm. Be sure to carr plenty of cash (most clubs cost 30-60 euros to get in)  and the expensive drinks (water can cost up to  7 euro!)


Amsterdam – Amsterdam is second to the throne as the world´s top party city. Starting with the Red Light District and coffee shops serving joints, its night life scene is just as intense with live sex shows (check out Theater Casa Rosso for 25 euro live sex shows on stage) and an active club scene. Its premier club is iT! in Rembrandtsplein and Club Melkweg, an ex hippie enclave that now boasts some of the best live performances in Europe.


Prague – Prague is one of the more inexpensive party scenes on the planet, where 30 euros is enough for countless shots and pints. The city´s premier dance club is the Karlovy Lazne on Charles Bridge, a four story megaplex offering an eclectic mix of disco, techno, and hip hop music. Another hot spot is the pricey Duplex Dance Club with balconies overlooking the cities. Still, the city is so into beer,other neat places to hang out are in the many Irish and English pubs.


Munich – Munich is arguably Germany´s most vibrant college community. Not a surprise with hundreds of ¨bierhalls¨ led by the Hofbrauhaus, the city´s largest beer establishment, and thousands of bars with different themes. Check out Kunstpark Ost, a party enclave with an eclectic mix of bars and clubs. The best time to go is the last two weeks of September to celebrate Oktoberfest, Munich´s trademark event where proprietors set up beer tents with up to several thousand people jam packed. Be sure to check out the Hofbrau Haus (the event´s largest tent) on opening day.


Madrid – It is said that Spain has more bars than the entire European Union combined. Its biggest draw is Madrid, a city of late night affairs. Scout the Sol area by metro for a diverse mix of Irish pubs, Cuban clubs, and Dominican hangouts. Check out the Kapital nightclub, a 7-story  club with different music from disco to rap playing on each floor. The Plaza Mayor area is the place to be for ¨cueva¨ hopping, particularly in Cava de San Miguel and Cava Alta. The gay district, Chueca, is another place with plenty of cheap restaurants and clubs.