Amanda Seyfried is ‘Red Riding Hood’

Amanda Seyfried talks dirty.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Amanda Seyfried is 'Red Riding Hood'

Amanda Seyfried is a naughty little girl. At a press conference for Red Riding Hood, she couldn’t help make adorably dirty jokes. The movie is rated PG-13 to attract a new generation to the classic story, but Seyfried is a grown-up. It helped that she got some easy questions, which I’ll try to explain.


Why this Red Riding Hood is no longer “Little.” 

Amanda Seyfried: The size of my breasts. That’s what I said. I actually said that on Kimmel. He said, “What made you not Little anymore?” I can’t be 11 anymore.  I can’t be 11 years old. Little Red Riding Hood was really young. She was a child.


This Red Riding Hood’s been through puberty, and she has two guys to choose from. 

Amanda Seyfried: Also, it makes for an even more exciting story because you have that whole sexuality and romance to it which you can’t do with a 5-year-old because that’s gross.


Seyfried had her pick of male costars: 

Amanda Seyfried: I did make a joke about that last night on Kimmel. I said that literally they just came in one by one, I opened my mouth, we made out. Which is not really that false.


She compliments her costar, Shiloh Fernandez: 

Amanda Seyfried: He has a great big…


This Red Riding Hood is a modern woman. 

Amanda Seyfried: She needs to have balls. That was really attractive because I like playing women that have just no fear, especially in the circumstances. She’s pretty brave.


For those who thought the wolf was a warning to stop women from “rolling in the hay.” 

Amanda Seyfried: I don’t know, I don’t think it’s going to keep girls from rolling in the hay. I think it’s going to make it really attractive, even more attractive than it already is. Or just not ignoring your sexual impulses.


Amanda Seyfried’s final word on Red Riding Hood: 

Amanda Seyfried: Seeeeex.