‘Monsters Inc 2’ Trailer Haunts The Internet

A teaser from an abandoned 'Monsters Inc' sequel makes us pretty glad it was abandoned.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Monsters Inc 2' Trailer Haunts The Internet

We love Monsters Inc. Of course, a lot of people love Monsters Inc but for whatever reason it’s never the Pixar film that people seem to talk about: The Incredibles, Up, Toy Story 1-3… these are the films that come up in casual conversation all the time, but the quirky movie that balanced inter-office politics with a middle-aged man’s first baby steps into fatherhood? Not so much. Still, it made over $500 million at the box office, so next year we’re getting a sequel, or possibly a prequel. But we’re not getting this sequel…

After the original film’s release, Circle 7 – another of Disney’s studios – was gearing up for the sequel Monsters Inc 2: Trouble in Scaradise, which would have found Sully and Mike stuck in the real world searching for Boo after her family moves, making Mike’s door to her room unusable. Trouble in Scaradise‘s writers Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir (Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue) have posted a trailer on the internet using the concept art, which was abandoned after their project closed shop along with the rest of Circle 7 in 2006. Hilgenberg and Muir seem to have landed on their feet, contributing to the screenplay to the Oscar-winning Toy Story 3, but they are no longer involved in Monsters Inc 2, which reportedly will portray Mike and Sully in their college days.

We’re happy about the new direction. We’re not big fans of the original concept for the sequel, which seems less iconic than normal for Pixar (although Cars 2 doesn’t seem to be classing up the joint either). Although the melancholic music for the teaser might be skewing our opinion of what is clearly supposed to be a whimsical idea. Judge for yourselves…

Thanks to MovieLine for making us aware of this glimpse of what could have been. Crave Online will return with more Monsters Inc 2 news as soon as we scare it up.