Ryan Hill has a problem... with you having a problem. Yeah, deal with that.

Ryan Hillby Ryan Hill


I have a problem with people that have a problem with me having a problem

Yeah say that three times fast…… (imagine me with cheesy smile and doing gun fingers as if to say ZING) PS if you tried to say it you need a hobby  AND if you said "THAT THAT THAT" you need to punch yourself.

So back to the point, stop harassing me about having the courage to admit that I have a problem with something.  I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, probably even more so than all you “SECRET” fakers who run around spouting quotes from Oprah or the infomercial (cause I know you didn’t read the book) as if you have found the holy grail and your words are dripping with wisdom and clarity, yet you barely understand the words in the book let alone their ultimate meaning.   So, I take a real affront to these people who think they are so positive and “forward thinking”.
Look no one goes through life without a SINGLE negative thought.  I mean no one.  Not the pope (he hates the gays that he secretly wants to hang out with and make bitchy comments with all  while watching gossip girl).  Nor Mother Teresa (she’s  pissed about the lack of diversity in nun’s  clothing) or Ghandi (He is pissed that no one gave him a hat….I mean he is bald, and is kickin it in the Himalaya’s….help a bitch out is all I’m sayin)


I actually agree with the power of positive thinking, but I know that I am going to have these nasty and negative thoughts, there is absolutely no way around it.  I feel like at least I own up to the fact that I have problems with things as opposed to pretending that I am super Zen and then losing my shit in Pilates and trying to strangle my instructor Apollo with a cord from the reformer.


The moral of this story is, do YOU, meaning  if you want to pretend like bad things don’t happen that is fine.  However, if you wanna be realistic and allow for the fact that there is some crappy stuff that goes on in the world, then you can own it without fear of recrimination.  You can’t have good without bad or pleasure without pain because there is nothing to measure one against the other.



I will always have a problem and whether you are willing to admit it or not you will always have a problem too.  So, embrace your problems and realize they make your positivity all the more poignant.  You can have pleasure without pain, nor good without bad.  With this in mind, instead of having a problem with my negativity, applaud it, for it makes your super happy point of view seem even more amazing.