Next Gen News – Episode #55

The PAX wrap-up show!

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Next Gen News - Episode #55

We spent four grueling days in the wilds of Boston and a convention center to bring you our opinions concerning the industry’s upcoming games. Most nights were spent in the same bar next to the hotel drinking beer that tasted like bacon and eating cheeseburgers topped with a lump of smooth peanut butter.

We meant to do a wrap-up show for you on Saturday night. But that same bar held us until 2am, and then Daylight Savings Time reared its ugly head and turned 2am into 3am. And by the time we finished walking the streets of Boston while singing the Foundation’s "Build Me Up Buttercup" it was approaching 4am.

But, hey, we’re back. This week’s show is a wrap-up of everything we saw at PAX. We cover our favorites, the disappointments (what little there were) and what games you should be psyched for. 

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