“Riese: Kingdom Falling” Coming To Television

The Vancouver web series will be hitting TV waves in April.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

"Riese: Kingdom Falling" is setting records – the web series, which has been on the internet since 2009, will be the first of its kind to hit TV sets next month. The popular series has already garnered a cult-following south of the border as well as on the ‘net.

The science-fiction-based program will debut on the Space channel next month. Up until recently it had only been broadcast on websites available to Americans (where the series took off). After producers decided to post several episodes on YouTube (clips that received millions of hits) executives decided to bring it to television.

“People have been blown away by the production values. They love the stories, they love the characters. We’ve got really ravenous and supportive fans around the world who are pimping us like crazy,” said producer/director Nicholas Humphries to The Vancouver Courier.

"Riese: Kingdom Falling" will premiere on the Space channel April 9th starting at 9pm. It is also being broadcast as 10 mini-episodes, which are now available on SPACEcast.com. Questions as to whether it will become a full television series are still up in the air, as well as if fans will get to see "Riese" on the big screen in theatres.

“I’m so excited for it to be seen in Canada. It was made in Canada,” said Victoria, Vancouver native and star of the series Ryan Robbins in an article on spacecast.com. “It was just about who got to see it and what kind of response you could get on the web and fortunately it got an amazing response."