Liam Neeson Signs Up for ‘Taken 2’

This time Liam Neeson is kidnapped, only to be saved by a badass Maggie Grace. Nah... Probably not. That's pretty stupid.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Liam Neeson Signs Up for 'Taken 2'

Not long ago, Crave Online received the following, simple e-mail:


Hi there,


Please please please suggest a taken 2 to the movie people as i loves that film.


Thanks [name withheld]


Our response: "Yeah, sure. We’ll get right on that." And whaddaya know? It worked.

Liam Neeson has just signed on to reprise his role in Taken 2, the sequel to the hit 2009 action-thriller (and this critic’s perhaps-controversial choice for the best film of that year). Original Taken writers Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen have reunited to pen the sequel, in which someone else will presumably get taken. It’s that or not calling it Taken 2, after all.

The sequel was being prepped as early as last November, but Liam Neeson wasn’t eager to reprise his role as a former CIA officer and absentee father eager to make up for lost time. He didn’t officially sign on until today, forcing producer Besson to seek alternate casting possibilities. According to the article at Deadline, Taken 2 could have starred The Wrestler‘s Mickey Rourke, The Patriot‘s Jason Isaacs, Harry Potter‘s Ralph Fiennes, Black Death‘s Sean Bean or Sexy Beast‘s Ray Winstone, but that’s a moot point now. Liam Neeson is back… eventually.

Yes, it seems that the reason for Neeson’s reticence was that he wanted to go on vacation, damn it. He’s a busy guy, having spent the last year or so working non-stop on such films as Joe Carnahan’s The Grey, Battleship for Peter Berg and the upcoming Clash of the Titans 2. He wanted some time off, and Besson has decided to give it to him. Production on Taken 2 will begin in late 2011 or perhaps even early 2012, a timetable we’re not exactly taken with. No… No rimshot, please. That’s just how we feel about it.

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