5 Reasons You Should Attend PAX East

Here are the reasons why you should book a trip out to Boston for next year's show.

Alex Keenby Alex Keen

5 Reasons You Should Attend PAX East

With PAX East now in our rearview mirror, I thought it would be fun to reminisce fondly and remind you, PSA-style, why going to PAX East is worth your time and your money.  This is my second year in attendance and once again the Con was packed to the gills.  Not on this list, but one other reason to keep this Con high on your priorities is the outstanding customer service provided by the event staff.  Everyone working this show in a red shirt is just like you and treats you just as you’d like to be treated.  Plus, they do a fantastic job of processing thousands of people at check-in.

5.To Support Your Economy, the Video Game Economy, and East Coast Gaming in General


 Now, I’m not one to get too preachy about buying American or supporting local businesses.  However, in this time of economic struggle, spending money is important.  In this instance, you are not only supporting the local economy, but your supporting the gaming economy.  A lot of gamers do not realize that video games are one of the few industries that did well during the recession.  This didn’t occur by luck alone.  Gamers have to be smart to buy games and to give their financial support directly to their businesses.  Finally, on a less business-leaning tip, PAX East deserves your money because gaming Cons don’t seem to have much of a presence on the East Coast.  By attending PAX East you can keep the Con alive and perhaps spur even more conventions.

4.To See Some Spectacular One of a Kind Aspects of Gaming


 Just in the Exhibition Hall alone you can witness some of the coolest and most innovative aspects of gaming.  Some visitors might be attracted to the spectacle of a gigantic rendering of Child of Eden, or a mega booth for Duke Nukem Forever.  For me, it’s the smaller displays that went a long way.  Very early on I saw the arcade set up in the Behemoth booth and was blown away by the detail.  They took old school 4-player arcade cabinets and ran their fan-favorite Castle Crashers for the crowds to play.  Not only were the controls old school, but the cabinets themselves had minutely detailed carvings of the knights from Castle Crashers.  This was just one of many unique aspects of video games that you can only see at PAX East.

3.To Accidentally Laugh at Someone Cosplaying as Morgan Webb…. When it Really is Morgan Webb


On our way out of the Portal 2 screening, G4TV’s Morgan Webb was hanging around talking to the Valve team about their game.  A lowly attendee made a joke to Ms. Webb stating, the effect, that she made for a good cosplay version of Morgan Webb.  Unbeknownst to this fanboy, this woman was no cosplayer… she was really Morgan Webb.  When she cleared the air, the dude shouted “I can’t believe I just made a fool of myself to Morgan Webb!”  The point of this is not that you should want to go to the Con to meet Morgan Webb.  It’s that a) gaming personalities and journalists like Morgan Webb are on the floor doing their job without an attitude or a chip on their shoulder, and b) the cosplayers can be so good that this dude was duped into believing the real Morgan Webb wasn’t real.

2.$6 Fruit Cup (Actually, a great time to taste some Boston Fare)


Forgive me for this note of sarcasm.  Food at the convention hall was absurdly overpriced.  Desperate for nourishment I wound up buying a $6 fruit cup, a $5 hot dog, and $3 gummy worms.  But blame my desperation and my never-ending appointment schedule for such a failure.  For you, the average video game fan, this is a great opportunity to get out on the street and try out some Boston restaurants.  Don’t stay in the convention center for your meals and you will be a happy camper.

1.To Revel in All Things Nerd


Finally, the best reason to attend PAX East is the simplest:  If you’re a nerd of almost any variety, PAX East has something to offer you.  Do you like tabletop gaming like Mike White?  PAX East has a whole room for it.  Do you like oogling overweight Mass Effect cosplayers like Erik Norris?  Pax East has ya covered.  Finally, do you like meeting new people and making new friend like our own social butterfly Joey Davidson?  PAX East has thousands of our brethren for you to meet!