Marvel Welcomes You To ‘Spider-Island’

Everyone in New York gets spider powers in this summer's Spider-Man event.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Marvel Welcomes You To 'Spider-Island'

A few weeks back, Marvel hinted that the upcoming "Infested" storyline in Amazing Spider-Man was leading to something bigger. And now the full extent of their plans have been made clear.

Marvel has announced "Spider-Island," an event story beginning with a prologue in Amazing Spider-Man #666 and swinging into full gear in #667 by regular Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos. As the name suggests, almost all of the people in Manhattan (including the Avengers, the FF and even Spidey’s greatest villains) mysteriously develop spider-related powers.

Mayor J. Jonah Jameson is even forced to quarantine the city when the heroes are unable to stop a spider powered crime wave.

“Back when [Dan] Slott launched Spider-Man into the ‘Big Time’ last year, he started laying the groundwork for possibly the biggest Spider-Man story you’ve ever seen,” said Marvel Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker. “The price of power is high for heroes and villains. The Avengers, the FF, Venom, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, the Sinister Six and even YOU are connected to ol’ Web-Head in new ways. By the end of this story, we’re going to see what Spider-Man means to Marvel Universe and just how far he’ll go to keep it safe… including some life-changing choices that have major consequences.”

The covers for the storyline may also hold some hints in. In the cover for #667, several of Marvel’s greatest heroes are wearing costumes that seem reminiscent of Spider-Man’s alternate outfits from years past… like the Hulk’s Iron Spider-suit, Luke Cage’s Spider Armor and even Spider-Woman’s Scarlet Spider sweater.

Issue #668 features the return of the classic Spider-Man foe, the Jackal, who hasn’t been seen for over a decade. The Jackal was also behind the infamous "Clone Saga;" which makes him a prime suspect for being the mastermind behind this event.

And finally, Amazing Spider-Man #669 shows the Shocker with multiple Spider-Man-like limbs as well.

"Spider-Island" will begin this August in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.


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