FX Puts ‘Lights Out’ Down For The Count

The phenomenal boxing series is knocked out by poor ratings.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

FX Puts 'Lights Out' Down For The Count

In what seems to be a recurring trend, a well made drama that only attracted a small audience is being laid to rest by FX.

FX has announced that it is effectively canceling "Lights Out" by not ordering a second season. The last two episodes of the season will air as scheduled the next two weeks.

The series starred Holt McCallany as Patrick "Lights" Leary, a former boxing world champion forced to come back to the ring as a way to pull himself and his family out of bankruptcy while trying to deal with shady characters and his own declining health.

"Lights Out" launched in January with a respectable 1.5 million viewers, before continuing to bleed viewers over the course of its run.

When "Terriers" — a similarly well made show that was also ended by FX due to low ratings —  was canceled last fall, FX President John Landgraf was quick to defend the marketing, despite many observers’ belief that the "Terriers" campaign badly misrepresented the show. For "Lights Out," Landgraf pointed the finger clearly at its subject matter.

"The audience didn’t want to watch a show about boxing," related Landgraf. "We never got any traction."

Over at Monsters and Critics, McCallany offered his own take on the cancellation.

"’Lights Out’ was the best experience I ever had as an actor and words can’t express the depth of my gratitude to John Landgraf and his team," said McCallany. "It was a privilege to work for FX, and for Dave Madden and FtvS. I couldn’t have asked for better writing from showrunner Warren Leight, or a more talented cast than Stacy Keach, Pablo Schreiber, Catherine McCormack, Billy Brown and the rest of our actors."

"As a lifelong fan of the sport of boxing the chance to play the heavyweight champion was a dream come true," continued McCallany. "I’m not sure why we didn’t attract a bigger audience but I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and I look forward to future projects with the friends I made on ‘Lights Out.’"


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