Dead Space: Severed Announced By EA Games

Dead Space 2 gets a side-story DLC add-on.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Dead Space: Severed Announced By EA Games

Dead Space 2 launches today for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. But EA Games and Visceral Games have already announced the first single player downloadable add-on for the title, Dead Space: Severed.

The new downloadable expansion passes the spotlight once again to the two main characters from Dead Space: Extraction, Gabe and Lexine, for “two standalone chapters.” Gabe is now apparently a security guard on the Sprawl and is dealing with his own set of necromorph problems. The story in this add-on will run parallel to the story of Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2.

Dead Space: Severed will release on PSN and Xbox Live, although no date or price has been given at this time.

If you buy the PS3 Limited Edition version of Dead Space 2 you’ll get a free HD copy of Dead Space: Extraction with complete PlayStation Move support. With the announcement of this new DLC, it seems the PS3 version is the way to go if you have the choice. You’ll be getting the complete Dead Space package.

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