Sundance – Kevin Spacey on ‘Margin Call’

The actor and producer talks film and banking.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Sundance - Kevin Spacey on 'Margin Call'

Kevin Spacey and the cast of Margin Call came to Sundance to premiere the film, and they earned a distribution deal. At a press conference, I got to ask one question of Mr. Spacey. Luckily, he gave an answer thoughtful and detailed enough to present as the story on Margin Call at Sundance.


CraveOnline: You’ve done movies like Recount, Casino Jack and Margin Call about recent scandals of our time. Do you think we are learning from our mistakes or doomed to repeat them?


Kevin Spacey: Well, I always try to be an optimist and not a pessimist. I would like to believe that we can learn from exposing either the personalities involved in the stories, whether they’re true stories or dramatically this kind of a film, which is based on true events but is really fictionalized.


What we’ve tried to set out to tell something that’s a slightly more personalized story of understanding what people who are in the middle of this kind of thing go through and in a sense to try to humanize those characters.


I do hope that we learn lessons. You set out to tell the story and you hope that people will sort of go, “How did this happen? If things were wrong that we can fix, maybe we can fix them.”


I don’t know the degree with which this film will be greeted by the investment world, the banking world but the truth is we met a lot of people who were just as angry in this industry, who are bankers, who sit on that floor, who work for companies who had to follow orders, who saw the problems coming and tried to express that to their superiors. They just weren’t listened to and were really angry at their bosses and their firms. So not all bankers are horrible, greedy people.