DC Reveals Andy Kubert’s Flashpoint Cover

Several preview logos and even action figures appear as DC drops hints about its massive crossover event.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

DC Reveals Andy Kubert's Flashpoint Cover

Barely a week after revealing a mind boggling 14 tie-in miniseries, DC has unleashed the first cover of Flashpoint, the upcoming five issue Flash-centric crossover event by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.

In the background of Kubert’s image, there appear to be transformed versions of Aquaman, Cyborg, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Additionally, DC also released five teaser logos from event, including Flashpoint: Citizen Cold, Flashpoint: Deathstroke & The Curse of The Ravager, Flashpoint: The Outsider and two others, which are harder to identify. Although one mentions the Titans’ Cyborg by name and the other may refer to Superman.

DC also unveiled four Flashpoint action figures from their DC Direct line. The Barry Allen Flash is among the first wave, along with new versions of Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Batman.

Thus far, the premise for Flashpoint seems to revolve around someone changing the history of the DC Universe in wildly different ways, resulting in a twisted reality that The Flash is forced to find a way to escape or change.

Flashpoint #1 will start running in May.