Shane Black to Direct ‘Iron Man 3?’

The 'Lethal Weapon' scribe is in talks to direct a film about a lethal weapon. Smart move, Hollywood...!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Shane Black to Direct 'Iron Man 3?'

Jon Favreau freaked out film and comic book fans alike when he announced his departure from the Iron Man franchise, but it appears that Marvel is circling an exceptional replacement: Shane Black, once the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood, is in talks to direct Iron Man 3. At the risk of editorializing, we think this is totally awesome.

Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Black is in talks to take the director’s chair, and although this is unofficial, the understanding is that the Letha Weapon writer would also take a crack at the film’s screenplay. Favreau’s Iron Man movies were always about character, first and foremost, so Black’s witty, character-driven writing style would be a perfect fit. The alcohol, self-destructive Tony Stark would fit right alongside such unlikely Shane Black heroes as suicidal police officer Martin Riggs and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang‘s inept quasi-detective Harry Lockhart, who was also played by Robert Downey Jr., so Black seems to have an ‘in.’ Shane Black is also working such upcoming high profile films as Death Note, adapted from the Japanese manga and anime series, as well as a new take on the pulp superhero Doc Savage.

Black’s deft directorial style and action-packed screenplays make him an excellent choice for the third Iron Man film, and we wish him the best of luck in sealing this deal. CRAVE Online will suit up for more thrilling (news) action as this story develops.