Exclusive Premiere: JPNSGRLS Bonus Track ‘Mushrooms’

Frantic rhythms and Sylvia Plath inspiration make for a pop-rock blast of goodness from Vancouver's latest contender.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Crave is proud to premiere "Mushrooms," a triptastically excellent bonus track from JPNSGRLS' expanded debut EP.  With a new full-length on the way in the Spring, we're getting in on the ground level with a song that calls to mind Dinosaur Jr. on a speed binge with Hot Hot Heat.

Produced by Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, Fur Trade, Mounties) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys), "Mushrooms" is a frantically delivered blast of rhythm and urgency. You can find it on the band's upcoming 12-inch, an expansion of the aforementioned EP which arrives Feb. 11th (order here).

Vocalist Charlie Kerr gives a little insight: "When I was in grade eleven we we're analyzing poetry in my English class and you pretty much had to do a book report on whatever poem you were assigned, but you had to make it "memorable" (usually students made their presentations memorable by creating a quiz or having an interesting poster board.) The poem I was assigned was Sylvia Plath's 'Mushrooms'. And I made my presentation memorable by writing a song inspired by the poem. That song became Mushrooms."

"My favourite line in Plath's poem was "We are shelves. We are tables." – Which inspired the chorus of our song which goes "We are the furniture". The song is basically just about overcoming oppression as a woman but if you look up the poem and read it along side while playing the song. The song's more abstract lyrics will start to make a lot more sense. Sylvia Plath is my all-time favourite poet, she was a goddamn genius and it is a great privilege that maybe I can turn people onto her stuff with my song.  …Even though my stoner friends just think it's about doing Mushrooms."

Listen below, exclusively on Craveonline.

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