Juno Awards Headed to Winnipeg

Manitoba city will play host in 2014.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Winnipeg has been chosen as the host city of the 2014 Juno Awards, it was announced yesterday.

A more formal announcement of the plans will be held later today by Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger and Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz. It's the first time in nearly 10 years that the 'Peg will play host to Canada's biggest music award event – the last time that they held the event was in 2005.

“I’m thrilled to confirm that Winnipeg will host the 2014 Juno Awards,” said Melanie Berry, President & CEO of CARAS/The JUNO Awards, as reported by Winnipeg CTV News. “More exciting details will be revealed at [Thursday’s] press conference taking place at 10:30am at the MTS Centre.”

"What people have to remember is that the Junos isn't just one event. It's a week… full of events, so there's going to be an impact in terms of hotel stays, in restaurants and hospitality. So this is a big deal," Chuck Davidson, vice-president of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, told CBC News on Wednesday. "Whether they have concerts, whether they have hockey games with celebrities, whether there's workshops… there's going to be an impact."

More than 5000 visitors are expected to pour into the area as part of the Juno Award festivities. It could bring in as much as $10 million in extra revenue for Winnipeg.

"Winnipeg has cultivated artists that have become part of our national identity – from Neil Young and The Guess Who to Chantal Kreviazuk and Lenny Breau. Winnipeg's enthusiastic music fans have helped launch numerous rock 'n' roll legends, and we're excited for what's in store when we return in 2014," said Melanie Berry, president and CEO of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), to CBC News.

Photo: WENN.com