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Austin City Limits Expands to Two Weekends in 2013

It's official: fans will get twice the music and festivities each October in Austin, beginning next year. 

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Austin City Limits festival organizers have announced a finalized deal with the city to expand the popular music festival to two weekends, following in the footsteps of big sister California festival Coachella. Festival producer C3 Presents LLC sought out the expansion after the Austin festival sold out for nine consecutive years. 

“Every year we hear from longtime fans that they’ve missed out on buying tickets because of the speed at which the festival sells out,” said C3 Presents partner Charlie Jones. “The expansion will allow more people the chance to experience ACL, and we are grateful to the fans, the neighborhood associations, KLRU, and the city of Austin for their continued support of the festival.”

The City Council in August approved allowing the festival to be held over two weekends starting in 2013. The lineup for next year’s festival, which will be Oct. 4 to 6 and Oct. 11 to 13, will be nearly identical on both weekends, with minor variation. As with Coachella, many of the bands will likely remain in Austin during the week between the two events.

“A lot more live music events are going to happen in the clubs and bars around town,” Jones said. “I’m not going to say that 130 bands are going to stay here for 10 days straight, but I guarantee a lot of them are.”

Early bird tickets will go on sale for the 2013 ACL festival shortly after this year's ACL takes place next weekend. Attendance in 2011 was 75,000 ticket holders a day, and is expected to do just as well this year. 


Photo: Johnny Firecloud