October Metal Guide: 10 Metal Albums to Listen For

With new releases from Neurosis, Between The Buried and Me, Converge and more, October is about to crush.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

October. Rocktober? Could the month that brings us Fall, Halloween and the flavor of Pumpkin in everything also be the best month in 2012 for metal? I think it could. We not only get one extra Tuesday for grand metal releases, there are also some killer records hitting stores (or downloads) this week.

One sad note before we get started. The month of September saw the end of Hydra Head Records, one of the best labels out there. While still continuing to put out their catalog, the label that helped craft the world of thinking man’s metal and really fostered the notion of experimentation and bizarre musical concepts in heavy music, shut its doors to new releases. We here at Craveonline wish everybody a Hydra Head the best for the future.

Now, on with the metal.


Enslaved – RITIIR

Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: October 2nd

Long time black metal stalwarts Enslaved return with their 12th studio album in RIITIIR. Enslaved have always been champions of forward thinking Black Metal. They switch from heavy to melodic on a dime and use vocal ranges from lush singing to more traditional Black Metal screaming. The music is an amalgam of metal, lots of guitar work and blast beats, coupled with song structures that venture much more into the world of prog metal. Try and imagine Yes as a Black Metal band and the concept of Enslaved will strike you.


Menace Ruine – Alight In Ashes

Profound Lore Records

Release Date: October 2nd

There are so few surprises for me in music anymore. So few times something completely catches me off guard. Menace Ruine’s new album “Alight In Ashes” blindsided me and I am now obsessed with it. With only two members, S. de la Moth and Genevieve, Menace Ruine accomplish more than most bands with multiple members. This is Avant-garde drone/Black Metal that’s adorned by Genevieve’s gorgeous voice. All at once Alight In Ashes is bleak and hopeful, menacing and forgiving. The ambient soundscapes and the droning guitars are used perfectly as a place for Genevieve to cradle her incredible voice. Alight In Ashes is one of the most complex and interesting records I’ve heard this year and it’s a moving artistic statement as well.


Between The Buried And Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: October 9th

This North Carolina band performs technical death metal of the highest caliber. This is music for the guitar theory lover and the dude who always wanted Rush to be heavier. Sweeping guitar action, complex multiple rhythms happening within odd time signatures and constant soloing. If you find yourself in love with the idea of a thousand riffs crammed into one song, epic tunes that clock in at ten minutes or more and lots of “hey check us out we can really play” metal, then this record might be right up your ally.


Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind

Epitaph Records

Release Date: October 9th

The kings of post hardcore extreme noise violence music are back. Though some were terrified Converge had decided to mellow out and become more emo with the song “Aimless Arrow”, the rest of All We Love We Leave Behind should mutilate any fears. This record is a non-stop kick to the face, a perfect harmony between the darkness of bands like Void and the destructive power of bands like Slayer. This isn’t basketball jersey tough guy douchecore, this is the real deal. This is the direction all hardcore could and should have gone in.


Daylight Dies – A Frail Becoming

Candlelight Records

Release Date October 9th

Melodic death metal with shades of doom is the name of the game with Daylight Dies. Dark themed guitar-driven songs that are strife with lengthy solos, varied rhythms and walls of sheer sound. Daylight Dies write more in the way of classical music in that they create movements that bleed into each other instead of just a collection of songs. Technical music nerds will love this as will those who seek the bliss of darkness from their bands.


Bison B.C. – Lovelessness

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: October 23rd

 Bison BC take the riff-oriented greatness of heavy metal and push it through a filter of sludge. Even with their sludge inflections, Bison BC never lose the groove. This is dark and heavy guitar rock along the lines of Clutch or Scissorfight. It’s the quintessential band of the genre coined as “Beard Rock”. Imagine a pissed off lumberjack high on cocaine and whisky and you’ll begin to get a feel from what Bison BC do.


Pig Destroyer – Book Burner

Relapse Records

Release Date: October 23rd

Pig Destroyer launch tight, aggressive and short bursts of spiteful music that pierce through bone, muscle, soul and mind. Book Burner resonates because it is so disturbing and so bleak. Sure Pig Destroyer play with thrash guitar elements, dynamics and even some old school mosh breakdowns (“Eve”, for starters) but that isn’t the point. The point is the poison, the need by the band to drain their demons out through the fetid blitz of the songs.


The Secret – Angus Dei

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: October 23rd

The secret to The Secret’s secret is speed and brutality. Both of which come in full force on Angus Dei. The Secret want to overpower you with their sheer noise, crush your bones with their pummeling riffs and then burn the rest with their feedback and bombastic vocals. Along the same lines as Pig Destroyer, but less technical, The Secret are a wrecking machine of heavy metal devastation.


The Sword – Apocryphon

Razor & Tie Records

Release Date: October 23rd

Some people hate on The Sword, but I love then. Take seventies style boogie rock, throw some doom in there and then mix with a healthy amount of old stonerrock ideals. The Sword open riffs up and force you to get down to their grooves. The vocals are awesome, the songs catchy and fun, plus they usually sing about alien war or mythological creatures. It’s like nerd metal.


Neurosis – Honor Found In Decay

Neurot Records

Release Date: October 30th

One of the greatest, most powerful, most imaginative and creative bands on the planet are releasing another album. This is Neurosis, which is all you need to know. If you claim to know anything about or love at all extreme music, then this is already an album you’re salivating for.

So there it is, ten metal albums to get you all spooked out for the Halloween month of Rocktober. One a side note, if you haven’t yet gotten your copy of the new Eyehategod 7” titled “New Orleans Is The New Vietnam”, then stop what you’re doing and go buy it.