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Interview: Ludacris Talks Music Midtown, SOUL & More

CraveOnline was on hand for an interview with Luda at Atlanta's Music Midtown festival.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Just minutes prior to his smash-success performance at last weekend's Music Midtown festival, rapper/actor/larger-than-life personality Ludacris took some time to talk to the press about the festival itself, which took place in his hometown of Atlanta, as well as his own headphone company (SOUL) and other bands he'd been looking forward to seeing on the bill.

Luda said he planned to put on a slightly cleaner performance for his hometown on Saturday, for an all-inclusive party experience, while maximizing his hour-long set for a full sampling of his impressive eight albums over the past decade.

"It's definitely going to be a great show, a very passionate show," Ludacris said. "In order to come to this point in my life where I have my own headphones and my own business sponsoring some of the big events that I'm doing is like, there's no word to explain how great it is." 

After discussing his fondness for rock acts Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters (who shared the Music Midtown bill), rapper briefly discussed the benefits of the internet in helping break new artists, as well a buoy veterans who find themselves in a new digital landscape.

"I think nowadays the entire music scene is pretty much dictated over the web, so I would say that's the best outlet for getting their work out there," Luda said. 

Despite his forays into acting and entrepreneurship, he reminded fans that his first love remains his strongest. "Music is a way for me to express myself so creatively, that it's almost like creating something from absolutely nothing, and I absolutely love the process of getting beats and the coming up with hits," he said. "It's unmatched by anything else that I've done."

While Music Midtown was bound to be a memorable experience (and it certainly was – check out our full coverage of the fest) Tennessee's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival might just take the cake on landmark memories for the artist.

"It may be my favorite. It was an outside event with unbelievable fans, with so many elements to the show. Some, we're bringing here today, but Bonnaroo was more of a raunchy show. My show today will be a little cleaner," Ludacris said. 

That it was. But for what it lacked in profanities, it certainly made up for in excellence. His set was among the highlights of the tremendous musical weekend in Atlanta.

Photo: Johnny Firecloud