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Watch: Black Keys Take ‘Little Black Submarines’ To The Dive Bar

Watch as the Akron blues champions set up shop at the iconic Springwater Supper Club in Nashville.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Check out the new performance video for the Black Keys' latest single "Little Black Submarines," which finds the guys rocking to a tiny crowd at the legendary Nashville dive bar, Springwater Supper Club:

The live performance clip wasn't the original intention when setting out to do the video, as frontman Dan Auerbach explains to Rolling Stone.

"There was a storyline but it didn't work," he confessed about the Danny Clinch-shot video. "We all just sort of kind of mutually agreed that it should probably just be the performance and not any of the other extra stuff. Luckily we had live footage so we turned it into a live video. We just sort of said 'You know, it was fun kind of performing here at a small club with the fans. Why don't we just have it be that?'"


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