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September Metal Guide: 10 Metal Albums To Listen For

We filter the barrage of Septemer metal releases to bring you only the finest crushing soundtracks of power!  

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson



Summer is thankfully coming to a close. I don’t know about you but summer was way, way too hot for me. This new month opens the door to fall and that means cooler temperatures, hoodies and, of course, the dark scourge of new metal records to help us launch into fall with style. Here are ten albums amidst the sea of other records that we feel you should take a listen to.


Cryptopsy: S/T


Release Date: September 4th

These guys have been kicking around in one form or another since 1988. First as Necrosis and then as Cryptopsy. This is technical death metal at its finest. Sweeping guitars, heavy riffs, blast drums and all the technical guitar aspects of a band that make music theory kids swoon. There’s not much in the way of soul here, this is brutal, heavy and antiseptic sounding metal for a cold and bleak world. Truth be told the band strayed a bit from their original harsh attack but this new self-titled album is said to be a return to form.


Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance 30th Anniversary Special Edition

Epic Records

Release Date: September 4th

As of right now Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are duking it out for the most “Special Edition” releases of their old material. This time around Screaming For Vengeance gets the anniversary treatment. The original album has been re-mastered and contains 6 bonus tracks. Four of these are unreleased live tracks (Electric Eye, Riding On The Wind, Screaming For Vengeance and You've Got Another Thing Comin') recorded in Texas in 1982. Alongside all that musical glory is a DVD of the band’s 1983 performance at the US Festival. Finally we get new photos and new liner notes written by Eddie Trunk.


Serpentine Path: S/T

Relapse Records

Release Date: September 11th

For a debut record, Serpentine Path come with a pretty thick pedigree. The band consists of all three members of New York band Unearthly Trance plus founding Electric Wizard and Ramesses bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw. That alone should get the doom kids all hot and bothered. The album is a slow, crushing burn of molasses riffs and doom vocals edging ever so close to being death metal. If you dig Electric Wizard this might be a little too heavy for you, but if you love doom with a touch of death metal then step up and be happy.


Therapy?: A Brief Crack Of Light

Global Music Group

Release Date: September 11th

To be honest I had no idea these guys were still around. I loved their mid-nineties records like Nausea and Troublegum but had little need for their later contributions. Therapy return with their 13th album and pretty much do what they do best. Angular rhythms played with riffs inspired by everything from Killing Joke to Helmet, plus those acerbic lyrics from frontman Andy Cairns. This is the Therapy gumbo and if you dig it, then you’ll have quite the misery feast with A Brief Crack Of Light.


Castle: Blacklands

Prosthetic Records

Release Date: September 11th

Castle are a thrash band with doom elements, which means they can ride a riff but also slow the tempo down without crashing the groove. Blacklands shows the band expanding the sound from their debut album In Witch Order. Some have been put off by the band’s descent into deeper musical territory but really, Blacklands just sounds like the band growing as songwriters. The riffs are still chunky and flavored with a little Danzig and a bit of Black Sabbath, but the songs are bigger, adding some elements of psychedelic rock and even straight blues. It also helps when the girl in the band is cute. Don’t front, we all want a tough girl from a metal band to beat us up and force us to make out with her!


Cocks Arquette: S/T

OSCL Records

Release Date: September 11th

I had no idea who these guys were when I got the promo, but now I’m a big fan. Part art project, part Discharge-era punk and then a little Neurosis thrown in for good measure. It takes an open mind to get inside these noisy and chaotic tunes and that’s what makes this self-titled album so great. Cocks Arquette are a mess, their music is a cacophony of sounds and guitars and drums and screaming that come across like the musical equivalent of nervous breakdown. When I think of punk rock and where it should be now, bands like this pop right into my brain because they shatter the envelope and push the music into disturbing arenas.


Ufomammut: Oro: Opus Alter

Neurot Recordings

Release Date: September 18th

I’m a big fan of these guys and their latest release has reinforced my love. Ufomammut are an experimental metal band from Italy who took the rulebook to extreme music, pissed on it, lit it on fire and then tossed it out the window. Thunderous riffs are juxtaposed against weird ambient keyboards as well as blips and chirps from random sound experimentation. Everything involved on Oro: Opus Alter is more a movement than a song. Constructed from all kinds of tiny bits of the musical spectrum, Ufomammut are one of the most interesting bands out there.


VOD: The Cursed Remain Cursed

Candlelight Records

Release Date: September 18th

In the mid-nineties VOD were playing the type of metalcore that kids flocks to these days. Problem was, nobody was digging it back then. Being so ahead of the pack didn’t help the band’s career but now they’ve returned to set the record straight. The Cursed Remain Cursed is a metalcore album in theory only. It has thrashy riffs mixed with hardcore breakdowns and lyrics but VOD are light years ahead of songwriting in comparison to hack bands like Atreyu or Avenged Sevenfold. If you dig metalcore and want to hear it done well instead of the empty carcass of a scene inspired musical drivel, then dig on the Cursed Remain Cursed.


Witchcraft: Legend

Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: September 25th

Lots of people have been pitching a bitch about the new Witchcraft being only original singer Magnus Pelander and a bunch of news guys. Well, piss and moan all you want but damn this new album rocks. Sure the sound is different, the band opted for a more digital approach but everything is still there. Huge riffs, amazing vocals and songs that put the ROCK in the phrase Holy Shit This Rocks. If you dig Black Sabbath and Pentagram then check Legend out immediately. This is the very definition of my trademarked term High Rocktane!


Sabbath Assembly: Ye Are Gods

Ajna Offensive

Release Date: September 25th

This is not a heavy metal record by any stretch of the imagination but it deals with the same themes. Sabbath Assembly are throwback to the sixties era cult hymns that peppered the music scene. Influenced by Crowley-esque looks at God and Satan as two halves of one whole, Sabbath Assembly take the thematic elements of sin and saint hood, good and evil and right and wrong and view them through the open minded idea of everything balanced with everything else. Sabbath Assembly use their gorgeous melodies and music to have us take a second look at what the ideas of Religion really are. It may come across as something you’d hear at your local Renaissance Fair, but dig deeper and there’s a lot more going on here.