Mike Diva Brings ‘Kill The Noise’

Director Mike Diva blends dubstep and zombie massacre to create a "grindhouse-style" online video that is beyond impressive.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

It's no secret that YouTube has become more than just a place to find videos of dad's getting a bat to the balls from their 3-year-old kid.  But even so, many of the "web series" and videos created for the Web still lack that exceptionally high-quality look that we've become used to seeing at the theaters and on our television screens.

In the last couple of years, quality directors, actors, musicians and producers have been spending more time online, creating content that is entertaining and professionally produced.

An example of one of our favorites is Mike Diva.  Mike's forte is blending the popular sounds of the Electronic/Dubstep genre with the intense visuals of real life Street Fighter battles, warehouse drug busts and, most recently, the war on zombies. 

Lucky us here at CraveOnline, we just made friends with Diva and can't wait to share his amazing videos on our site!  Let's get things started with the "grindhouse-style" war on zombies!

Kill The Noise – Part 1

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