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Video: Sleigh Bells Get Gorgeous, Escape on a BMX in ‘End Of the Line’

The visuals have arrived for Sleigh Bells' next shot of hyperactive sonic claustrophobia.  

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Sleigh Bells have released a new music video for their song "End Of The Line". Check it out below, then let's go ride bikes and roll around in a 1976 wedding gown:

Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss arrived in 2010 with an enticing flirtation with utter chaos on their debut, Treats, sporting snarling crunch guitars, confrontational sample-fests and pummeling electro-beats on a lunatic party record. Reign of Terror, their celebrated follow-up, draws all the trusty inspirations of a bad breakup, as processed through the cold compress of digitization. The result? The sound of pouring sugar over digital claustrophobia in one of the biggest party records of the year.

An attack on the senses and a celebration of organic deprivation, Reign of Terror is a raw, cold slab of spit-shine polished digitization. Pick up Sleigh Bells' latest album Reign Of Terror at their official site.