Video: Nicki Minaj Gets In The Bathtub For ‘I Am Your Leader’

Watch the 'Naj strike gold with Rick Ross and Cam'ron in her new video.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

In her brand-spankin' new video for the surprisingly catchy “I Am Your Leader”, Nicki Minaj brings her collaborators Rick Ross and Cam’ron into a world of Dr. Seuss-meets-Fresh-Prince, a surrealistic nightmare bubblebath funhouse.

After debuting her first fragrance (Pink Friday) and co-starring in B.o.B's video for "Out of My Mind," the Harajuku Barbie has unveiled the film version of her Hit-Boy produced track, directed by Colin Tilley. 

Any question of Miss Minaj's immortality dissolves while watching her throwing rhymes inside a full bathtub that’s got a television floating in it. It's eleeeeectric!