Nicki Minaj Reportedly Set To Join ‘American Idol’

Reports indicate that the "Super Bass" Harajuku Barbie will be a vocal judge on the 12th season of AI.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Her music is terrible, but she's an industry fixture and has established clout that goes far beyond her skill set in the music business. For no other reason than that, Nicki Minaj is apparently a perfect fit for the upcoming new season of "American Idol".

The rigged farce competitive talent program returns for its 12th season in January with douche-litmus Ryan Seacrest hosting once more, and with the departure of Jennifer "No really, I'm a singer" Lopez and Steven "Where am I?" Tyler from the judges' chairs after last season, rumors have been running wild about who will step up next for the position of safe-snark pseudo-judging.

The first replacement announced last month was Mariah Carey, and now Nicki Minaj is reported to have been tapped to take the second seat. Can this mean we'll be seeing a lot more baby-talking rainbow-nightmare weirdo contestants rise to the top? Nobody's saying no just yet…

Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams reportedly in talks as well, with US Weekly's sources reporting that original judge Randy Jackson will be moved into a mentoring role. Dog. Meanwhile, when did US Weekly become a credible source for information? A tabloid rag that prides itself on egregious lies and wildly fictitious defamation is now the go-to for music news reference? Fascinating.

At any rate, no word yet on whether special chairs will be designed to accommodate Miss Minaj's copious backside, for which much ado has already been made.