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Jay-Z Plans New Movie With Ron Howard, Brian Grazer

The Made In America festival documentary will go behind the scenes on the upcoming musical event.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

With the upcoming Made In America festival taking place September 1st and 2nd in Philadelphia set to establish Jay-Z as a bona fide festival organizer, it only makes sense that someone wants to document the experience in documentary form.

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are doing just that, making a movie out of Jay-Z's Philadelphia music festival, according to the New York Post. Grazer has announced that he and Steve Stoute are producing the film with Jay-Z, with Howard directing. 

"It is going to be born through Jay-Z’s perspective . . . how he puts the event together," said Glazer. "Jay stayed the king for a very long time . . . I can't even begin to explain how he is capable of remaining relevant. He is a phenom, like a musical Michael Jordan."

The Made In America festival is set to feature a unique mix of Pearl Jam, Drake, Odd Future, D'Angelo, Skrillex, Rick Ross and more. Yes, that's one hell of a strange lineup, but it's sure to be one hell of a show. See you there!